Our group has imported the fourth-generation nano lapping machine, which is the most advanced equipment in the world. MITBJ will invest more than 10 million RMB to design, develop, and build 4 pilot nano dispersion lines, with an area of 500 m2. Two of the lines are used for dispersing carbon materials, one for dispersing cellulose, and the last one for dispersing other high-end products. Those lines are considerable independent, in order to avoid cross contamination. Taking carbon nanotubes for example, single stage dispersing method is generally applied in other factories. However, by employing the multistage continuous dispersion technology, our yield is normally 3-4 times higher than that of domestic competitors. Moreover, to ensure the quality of dispersion, a set of strict tests (particle-size analyzer, SEM, etc.) is applied to control the property of both raw materials and every step in our process.


Other services

1、Design dispersion technology and processing

2、Design experimental equipment for dispersion lines

3、Design, construct, install and adjust dispersion lines