In most areas of our country, coal fired boilers are used for central heating. The gas emissions cause serious environmental pollution and the increase of PM2.5, leading to hazy weather in our cities. Both people’s health and social development are affected seriously. The electric heating material has been prepared by nano-carbon materials in MITBJ. And the core of electric-heating nano carbon material is waterborne conductive materials, which are environmentally friendly, energy saving and good for health. Nano-carbon materials were selected as the heating medium because of its excellent properties, such as high conductivity, superior heat transfer performance, unique far-infrared function and high mechanical strength. With the molecular structure design technology, nano-carbon material was implanted into a polymer resin structure to develop waterborne conductive materials. Nanotechnology and functional materials were combined to provide technical process and solutions on preparation of nano-carbon electric heating material. They were already massively applied in electric heating field, such as low-temperature radiation electric heating film, electrical heating fresco, demisting mirrors, electric blankets, etc. And these materials could also be used in printing circuit, membrane switches, electromagnetic shielding and other fields.