Nano-particles indicate the particles possessing specific sizes vary in the range of 0.1-100nm, dimensionally between the bulk-size objects and atomics/molecules. Because of the volume and surface effect, nano particles have special performance of magnetic, electric, catalytic, adsorption, light absorptive properties and thermal resistance. However, due to large specific surface area and high surface energy, nano-particles are easy to agglomerate and become larger particles which degrade the advantages of the size effect. Therefore, the signification of dispersion of nano particles is obvious and the nano dispersion technology and process is well worth researching. Therefore, our group focused in the nano-dispersion technology and developed a series of corresponding products, such as the development of carbon materials(e.g. CNTs, carbon black and graphene) dispersion; the development of Cellulose products; the optimization of nano-dispersion technology & processing, and the application of nano-dispersion technology in other areas (e.g. medicine, ink, coating and composite materials, etc.).

Particle Size Distribution analysis test report


TGA test report